Convert your content knowledge into effective classroom training

Endurance Learning instructional designers are experts at helping professionals convert their subject matter expertise into high quality training that will leave your learners ready to change the way they work.

You have content but need an extra set of hands to design training.

You can start by collecting previous PowerPoint presentations or trying to write everything learners need to know on a PowerPoint slide, but you KNOW that this won’t be effective. You’ve attended other training sessions built the same way. The intentions are always good, but the results don’t often match.

A team of instructional designers and experts at PowerPoint and material development can help turn a painful learning experience into an engaging learning experience that leads to change!


full service training design in action

Endurance Learning is YOUR full service training design team!

Endurance Learning is a full services training design team focused only on creating great training and when our team joins your project, we only care about making your project a success. Our team has created training for salespeople, leaders, community health works, surgeons, youth, mentors, teachers, social workers and more. We can help train your audience too!

Our job is to make your training design project painless. Start with step 1 (Contact Us) to see your training program come to life.

1. Contact Us so we can help you scope the project.

2. Let our team guides you through the process.

3. Launch a training program that leads to results!

Not sure? Ask our customers.

Let's Talk Training!

The team at Endurance Learning brings expertise in instructional design, project management, elearning development, visual design and works on all types of training projects. We’d love to learn more about the training challenges you’re facing.

What does it look like to hire Endurance Learning to design your training?

Our team wanted our customers to get a better sense for what it looks like to work with our team. Our customers will tell you that when we implement this process, we stay flexible, learn from our customers, and do everything in our power to make the process easier for them.

custom training needs analysis
Have you ever wondered what exactly goes into creating custom learning? If you were to hire a learning & development company, what should you expect from the process?  While every learning company is different, in partnering with Endurance Learning you ...
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training design phase
Ever wonder what happens in the Design phase of a training project? As mentioned in Part 1 in this series – Analysis,  this can’t be completely comprehensive, since we approach every project with curiosity. And we know that while there ...
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design phase
If you haven’t already, make sure you catch up on Part 1: Analysis and Part 2: Design of our series, where we share how we use the ADDIE model for Instructional Design and specifically, what happens during the Analysis and ...
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Brian Washburn

Brian Washburn
CEO & Chief Ideas Guy

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