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Computer Fire
Virtual Delivery

When Zoom attacks, will you know what to do?

Whether you’re using Zoom or any other platform, technical difficulties are bound to happen. Will you know how to respond?

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Nick Martin Social Banner
Virtual Delivery

Technology to Make Virtual Feel Less “Virtual”

Today’s podcast features some technologies that are better seen, so we’ve embedded some video which we hope will inspire you as you look to make your virtual learning feel a little less virtual.

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Breakout Room Dropouts scaled
Dialogue Education

Should you use breakout rooms, even if you know people will drop off your presentation?

Apparently, it’s a thing for people to feel ok to drop off a virtual session if you put them into breakout rooms. It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t use them.

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Rance Green Storytelling
Presentation Skills

Storytelling as a Learning Device

If they’re well-crafted, stories can be one of the most powerful learning devices in a trainer’s toolbelt.

In today’s podcast, Rance Greene offers some insights on how to craft a well-designed story for maximum impact in your next training session.

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Blackboard Collaborate Ultra cover
Trainer's Guide

Blackboard Collaborate is the “Ultra Experience”

If you’ve seen one tool, you’ve seen them all, right? We were surprised to learn that Blackboard Collaborate Ultra is a little different.

If you’re using it, we’d love to hear your experience.

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Trainer's Guide

Trainer’s Guide to GoToMeeting

We are pleased to release the Trainer’s Guide to GoToMeeting. GoToMeeting is probably a platform that you have found yourself in already for meetings. But …

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