Training Delivery and Facilitation Competency Rubric

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A rubric is a way to assess performance with a standard set of evaluation criteria. The next time you need to assess the performance of someone delivering training (even if that someone is you), you may find this rubric helpful.

Setting SMEs up to be more successful presenters

When we think of the lack of instructional design skills of an SME, it’s tempting to make them sit through a train the trainer or presentation skills program to improve their presentations. Maybe there’s a better, less intrusive way to help SMEs design presentations.

What kind of training facilitator are you?

As someone who has been in the world of L&D for several decades, I used to think it was imperative for SMEs to also master the art of facilitation. This knowledge/ability matrix released me from that folly.

Help! My podcast was highjacked!

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Ok, “highjacked” may be a little extreme. I have a new book coming out tomorrow and it might be a little too unconventional to interview myself. Today, Sophie Oberstein takes the interview chair to ask me about my new book: What’s Your Formula? Combine Learning Elements for Impactful Training.

Survey Results: The Burden of Going All Virtual

Survey Results

Last week I asked a series of questions about how organizations are adapting to a more virtual-centric world. Some of these results may surprise you (for example, the number of organizations still doing a significant amount of in-person training!).

What kind of facilitator are you?

facilitation styles

The person delivering a training program matters at least as much as the actual instructional design. What kind of presenter are you?

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