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Endurance Learning’s Train the Trainer sessions will help transform your team from subject matter experts into trainers & facilitators that lead highly engaging workshops.

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Train-the-Trainer to supercharge both!

Your organization is full of people who have deep expertise and may even enjoy talking about it. You probably designed training materials that cover every bit of content to ensure that each trainer has all the resources they need. You kick off your training initiative and expect to see great results. But do you actually see great results?

Expecting your subject matter experts to pick up training materials and instantly become great facilitators who adeptly lead a training workshop is unfair to them and the learners.

Offering experts an opportunity to understand the mechanics behind training design and delivery and practice facilitation techniques will supercharge your training sessions and improve the learning experience.

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The Endurance Learning team is ready to empower your trainers!

Our team is ready to deliver a train-the-trainer session to help you get the most out of your training session and facilitators.

Our sessions are designed to be used for trainers who have to deliver in person, virtually or both!

Getting started with a train the trainer session with us is simple.

2. Schedule the Train-the-Trainer session
(virtual or in person)

3. See the results of great training!

Sample Half-Day Train-the-Trainer Agenda

Learning Objectives:

By the end of this training segment, the participants will be able to:  

  1. Differentiate between “engaging” and “effective” training.
  2. Describe the connection between principles of adult learning and effective training delivery.
  3. Explain the role that 4 training design steps have in engaging learners.
  4. Practice delivering training activities.


  • Session Overview:
    • Calibrate expectations for the session.
  • Engaging v. Effective:
    • Participant-driven discussions of what makes a training session successful
    • Risks of being only engaging and not effective
  • Adult Learning Principles:
    • Connect participants experiences with the principles of Dialogue Education and Adult Learning
    • Explore the Anchor, Content, Application and Future Use model and how it impacts learner retention.
  • Make the Training Your Own:
    • Use Endurance Learning’s Activity Cookbook to identify activities that could be used in the learner’s next session.
    • Build a simple training workshop that can be used for practice.
  • Practice Facilitation:
    • Compare facilitation techniques to a facilitation rubric
    • Practice delivering training activities with time for self-reflection and feedback from peers.

Contact Endurance Learning

The team at Endurance Learning is excited to tailor the train-the-trainer experience to meet your needs.

If you’d rather schedule a time to talk, you can schedule a call now.

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