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training as a social mission

Training and Professional Development is a Social Mission

It really doesn’t matter if you’re working for a small nonprofit or the world’s largest, most profitable corporation. Our role in learning and development is a social mission because we can truly change lives if we’re doing our jobs correctly.

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updating training materials

Updating Training Materials That Seem Good Enough

Sometimes we’re asked to review and improve a training program that seems perfectly fine as it is. Taking a look at the fundamentals on which the program is built may offer some clues about possible ways to improve something that, on the surface, didn’t look like it needed to be touched.

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job aids
Job Aids

How Job Aids Can Save Lives

Training isn’t appropriate or possible in every situation. Often, a job aid such as a checklist can be the best option. Sometimes a job aid can even save lives.

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Blooms Aside banner 1
Adult Learning Theory

Setting Bloom’s Taxonomy Aside

Bloom’s Taxonomy has been used for decades to help instructional designers think through and develop learning objectives. In today’s podcast I offer some thoughts on how instructional designers might want to think through the intent behind their training first.

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by endurance, we conquer

Ernest Shackleton, Problem Solver

“By Endurance, We Conquer.” This was the motto of the family of early 20th century explorer, Sir Ernest Shackleton. So when it came time for …

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Got Training Writer’s Block? Maybe the solution is to do nothing.

It can be hard to always need to come up with creative ways to present information and engage learners. Sometimes the best thing to do is to do nothing.

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