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Project Management

5 Lessons for Training Teams from The Phoenix Project

The book “The Phoenix Project” gave us some important insights on how best to deliver elearning projects on-time, on-budget and with the quality everyone expects. Here are five lessons you might be interested in.

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Lessons from TechLearn 2022

Whether you’ve been to many conferences or if you’re getting ready to head to your first conference, this week’s podcast offers some thoughts on how you can get the most out of your conference experience.

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Business of Training

Advice for Starting Your Own Training Consultancy

Going out on your own or trying to convert that side hustle into a full time training consultancy can be an exciting idea, but there are definitely some challenges you’ll want to think about.

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Quiet Quitting for Training Professionals

Yes, I shamelessly jumped on board the “quiet quitting” bandwagon this week with a podcast around how training professionals can adopt some sort of boundaries when it comes to the work we’re asked to do.

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4 Tips for Creating More Accessible eLearning Courses in Storyline using Alt Text

There’s much more to fostering an inclusive learning environment than simply images and names. In today’s post, my colleague Lindsay Garcia describes a key feature of elearning that can make self-guided, asynchronous online modules more accessible and inclusive.

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Professional Development

An Easy Form of Low-cost, Immediately Applicable Team Development

Training teams are often compared to the cobbler’s children who have no shoes (because they’re often helping others learn, but rarely take time out for their own learning). In today’s podcast we spotlight a team from Unifi that has adopted a book club approach to develop themselves as individuals and as a team.

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