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L&D Beach Reads: 2022 Edition

This summer, if you’re looking for a good book to read, I have one recommendation. And it will probably take you the rest of the summer to read. And then four other fantastic L&D-centered books will hit bookshelves beginning in September. Here are my thoughts on all 5.

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Job Aids

What new skills can be mastered in a 60-minute webinar?

Job aids can be an essential tool used to follow up a training program and to help learners put new skills or practices into action. However, if the learner hasn’t mastered how to use the job aid, you may need to supplement the job aid with some samples.

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What is “training” for?

Virtual training expert Kassy Laborie and Augmented Reality expert Betty Dannewitz drop by this week’s podcast to discuss what “training” is for, and they got into a heated game of training trivia to wrap up the episode.

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Instructional Design Ideas

Instructional Design for Non-training Professionals

What is “instructional design” and how does one put together effective learning programs? In today’s podcast, Guy Wallace boils over 40 years of experience down into a 15 minute conversation about how effective learning can be designed.

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Social Media

Is it possible to learn from other people via social media?

It’s pretty easy to find thought leaders in our field by scrolling through Twitter or LinkedIn. Lately, it seems like people are increasingly wanting to be heard, and doing a lot less hearing. This week’s podcast guest, Lauren Hug, has some thoughts about this.

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L&D Lessons Learned from Being a Parent (Part 5 of 5)

Once we get into a comfortable routine, how easy is it to want to try something new? Erin Clarke shares a few ah-ha’s about what she discovered and how she became better when she decided to leave her comfort zone and try something new.

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