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Better Learner Certificates in Articulate Storyline

better learner certificates

It is now much easier to create better learner certificates in Articulate Storyline. They’ve added a print slide trigger that allows you to print a screen with little effort and no javascript! This can come in very handy, as a simple trigger can be set so that a learner can print a certificate or notes from a course, all with the press of a button! 

But what if you want the slide printed without navigation buttons or you want the certificate to have a layout without showing anything else? Using a lightbox and a few simple steps can do just that!

Step 1: Store Learner Information in Variables

Set up the base slide in your module. Use text entry variables to gather learner information that you want to populate on your certificate. 

Congratulations! You've completed the course certificate.

Step 2: Trigger the Lightbox

Create 2 triggers for your print button on your first slide.

First, set a trigger to set the state of your next button to unlock to its normal state after the print button is selected. That way, when the learner goes back to this slide, they will be able to move on in the course.

Second, set a trigger to lightbox your certificate slide. This will pull up their certificate in a new slide as soon as they select the button.


Step 3: Design an Attractive Certificate

Because you’re showing this in a lightbox, you can design the certificate any way you want. Design the layout the way you want, without navigation buttons, and including information gathered from the learner. The slide will only pop up in a lightbox, so the learner will be able to exit the slide easily from the built-in lightbox close button, which is not part of the print screen.

image of a certificate design

Step 4: Use Storyline’s Print Trigger

Set the print trigger to “print this slide” when the timeline starts on this slide.  

This way, a print function will pop up for the learner as soon as they land on this certificate slide.  

After they have printed, all they need to do is close the lightbox to return to the regular module navigation and move on.

To try out this navigation and see how it works, select here for an example.
To access the SL template for this quick interaction, select here.

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