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Hybrid Learning: When to use it

Raise your hand if you’ve felt more comfortable taking your mask off in public only to find that your immune system has grown super wimpy.

After 2+ years of masking and three jabs in the arm, I’ve been feeling more confident to go out in public without a mask. Of course, after 2+ years of pretty much avoiding all germs, it appears that even the most basic germs are ready to take me down. I’ve been knocked off my feet for the past few days, having tested negative for covid, but nonetheless, sapped of energy and just feeling crappy.

Of course, I’m not letting my 10+ year streak of blog posts come to an end just because of a little (super) cold. On the other hand, I don’t have a ton of energy or creativity, so today I’m going to steer you in the direction of a recent podcast series on hybrid learning hosted by copy and printing agency, Mimeo.

I had the opportunity to be interviewed on the second episode (Hybrid Learning: When To Use It). As part of this series, Mimeo also ran episodes featuring JD Dillon, Cindy Huggett, and Ann Rollins. If you’ve been exploring ways to combine a variety of training delivery methods in your organization, this series is definitely worth a listen!

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