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Help! My podcast was highjacked!

Ok, “highjacked” may be a little extreme. I have a new book coming out tomorrow and it might be a little too unconventional to interview myself. Today, Sophie Oberstein takes the interview chair to ask me about my new book: What’s Your Formula? Combine Learning Elements for Impactful Training.

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Have you ever chased a professional dream for 10 years?

10 years ago, I had this idea. A dream really. Next Tuesday, it becomes a reality, and I’m super excited about it. (I hope you’ll be as excited about it!)

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Sales Training

What are some essential elements of effective sales training?

The most effective sales training in the world doesn’t simply rely on a sales model. According to Spencer Wixom, Senior Vice President at Challenger Inc, the ability to listen to training participants trumps both a trainer’s sales experience and a training program’s instructional design.

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How do you train your colleagues how to train?

Do SMEs need to know about adult learning and levels of evaluation in order to be effective trainers? Ajay Pangarkar shares his thoughts on how you can help your colleagues and other SMEs be more effective, including some insights on how much “non-training” and “non-presentation skills” content is important.

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Virtual TOT

What should a Train The Trainer session look like?

Getting our busy colleagues to take some time to think about how to deliver training in a virtual environment can be tricky. Here is a virtual train the trainer outline that you may find helpful.

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Computer Fire
Virtual Delivery

When Zoom attacks, will you know what to do?

Whether you’re using Zoom or any other platform, technical difficulties are bound to happen. Will you know how to respond?

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