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virtual learning lessons learned

Virtual Training Lessons Learned

Kassy LaBorie is one of the early adopters for virtual tools like Zoom, Teams, etc… as a remote training tool. On this week’s Train Like You Listen podcast, Kassy joins us to share some insights on virtual instructor-led training after a year where many of us were unexpectedly thrust into adopting these tools.

We’ve been adding transcripts to all of our recent (and many of our older podcasts). If you like seeing the conversations in this format, let us know in the comments.

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Trainer's Guide

Trainer’s Guide to Webex

In the 2020 Covid-era VILT platform showdown, organizations are choosing different platforms for their training departments for various reasons (cost, security, and available features, to name a few). Often times, Webex wins out as the platform of choice.

We’ve heard from trainers that learning the Webex plaform can be overwhelming. And it is no surprise; Webex is a beast of a tool. Logging into Webex can feel like visiting a great ice cream parlor; there are so many choices that you just don’t know where to begin! Thank your lucky stars; the Trainer’s Guide to Webex has arrived!

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Virtual Delivery

Are Online Conferences Worthwhile?

With large conferences going online for the foreseeable future, many ask if it is even worth it to attend in this new format.
Last week I attended the Adobe MAX online conference. In this post we look my impression and what other online conferences can learn from Adobe.

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Trainer's Guide

Trainer’s Guide to Microsoft Teams

When the unexpected happens, it is good to find something solid to rely on.

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Troubleshooting for Trainers with Sophie Oberstein

Troubleshooting for Trainers

Sophie Oberstein, author, coach, adjunct professor, and Learning & Organizational Development consultant, joins us on the Train Like You Listen podcast to discuss how you can find solutions to training problems. Make sure to check out her new book, Troubleshooting for Trainers, which is available October 6, 2020.

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trainer's guide to zoom gototraining and microsoft teams
Job Aid Examples

Trainer’s Guides for Zoom and GoToTraining

Just like with other tools (PowerPoint comes to mind), feeling comfortable using them, and feeling comfortable leveraging all of the features they have to use the tools for maximum impact are two different things.

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