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Hiring Learning Professionals to Build Custom Training: What to Expect From Development, Implementation, and Evaluation

design phase

If you haven’t already, make sure you catch up on Part 1: Analysis and Part 2: Design of our series, where we share how we use the ADDIE model for Instructional Design and specifically, what happens during the Analysis and Design phase when you work with us. This is the final part of this 3-part series and will focus on the Development, Implementation, and Evaluation phases of our learning development process. 


When creating custom learning, development is where it really gets fun because the content in the script comes to life. During the development phase, our team will be creating your course. If it’s eLearning, we are building the interactions in an authoring tool. For ILT or VILT content, we will be building your facilitator guide, slides, and any other materials your course needs. You may see pieces and parts of your course during this phase so we can get your feedback in real time. Before you get to see the draft module in its full form, our team completes a rigorous QA cycle to ensure the course functions as it was intended, and the content matches the script. During this review, accessibility is top of mind and our team considers things like: 

  • How does the course function with a screen reader? 
  • Can a learner navigate the course with a keyboard not a mouse?
  • Is the content accessible on tablets or mobile devices? 
  • Is the color contrast appropriate for a low vision learner?
  • If materials are printed in black and white instead of color, will they still look as intended?

If your course has voiceover, our team sources voiceover talent while development is in progress. We will help you find the right sound for your course. We consider learner’s needs and discuss your preferences such as: 

  • Is your course better suited for a younger sounding voice or someone more polished and professional?
  • Should the voice be male or female?
  • Do you want a particular dialect or accent?

Initial Review

Once development is complete and your course passes the QA check, we will share the drafted course with you for your initial review. This version usually has an AI voice narrating the voiceover (if there is voiceover). This phase of development has placeholder voiceover so you can hear the audio as it will be said by the narrator, and suggest changes as needed. During this phase of review, we provide clear guidance on what kind of feedback to provide and the best way to do so. As with previous reviews, your feedback and collaboration on needed changes are really important.

Final Review

Once we get your initial feedback returned, we incorporate your feedback, then add in professional voiceover and closed captioning. We always run the course through a final QA review to validate all of the edits and ensure the course functions as intended. Your team will have a final review to check for showstoppers and give your course the final thumbs up.

Implementation and Evaluation

After you have approved the course, we will share files with you. We share the editable versions so you can make future changes should you choose to. Should you need it, our team has been known to advise you on ways to maximize your course with suggestions for how to prepare and upload your ILT or VILT content, or for eLearning content, how to get your course functional within your LMS. Our goal at Endurance Learning is to create training that is engaging and will lead to change. And once we get to this point, you get to share the content with your learners! 

devImplEval checklist

During these phases, you should expect:


  • A draft version of your course for your review
  • Updates and edits as needed
  • Final touches and quality check


  • Final files and materials shared with you
  • Client support as needed

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