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Hiring Learning Professionals to Build Custom Training: What to Expect From Design

training design phase

Ever wonder what happens in the Design phase of a training project? As mentioned in Part 1 in this series – Analysis,  this can’t be completely comprehensive, since we approach every project with curiosity. And we know that while there will be some elements that are the same from project to project, there are nuances to each of the projects that we work on. This post will share some examples of what makes a partnership with Endurance Learning unique and what we may be working on “behind the scenes” during each part of our design and development process. 

We follow the ADDIE model for Instructional Design. Analysis, Design, Develop, Implement, and Evaluate. This is Part 2 of this 3-part series and will be focused on the first D, Design. The design phase is critical to the process as the script/storyboard is the blueprint to your course!  

Visual Design Mock-up

While you are reviewing the outline (Analysis), or shortly after, we will create a visual design mock-up for you to provide feedback on. This will be custom-crafted by a visual designer to meet your specific branding requirements, including your company background, colors, logo, image considerations, and accessibility requirements. As with all parts of our review cycles, the feedback you give us at this phase of design is very helpful for us as we get to know you, your preferences, and your brand.

Script and Storyboard

Once you have provided feedback on and approved the outline, we begin writing the script/storyboard. Our storyboards double as a script for voiceover purposes so that you are able to see the complete picture of the design in one simple document. The script/storyboard document includes every word that will appear as on screen text as well as every word that will be spoken in voice-over and will appear in closed captioning. This document also includes descriptions of interactions and example images. Due to the comprehensive nature of the script/storyboard, it  sometimes means that a 20 second Storyline interaction may take up ten pages of the document. Scripts vary greatly in length depending on a lot of variables. The tricky part is, the longer the script does not necessarily mean the longer the course! Our Instructional Designers are highly skilled in incorporating Dialogue Education and Adult Learning Principles into the design of a course. Endurance Learning’s ultimate goal is that the content we create will be engaging and lead to change! Unless you direct us otherwise, we script for high interactivity and robust learner engagement.

sample of elearning script / storyboard

Client Review

After the script/storyboard is completed by our team of instructional designers, it will receive an internal content review by the Endurance Learning team as well as a copyedit. Finally, we will send it to you for a thorough client review. Our scripts are written in Microsoft Word so that you get a document that is easy to open and edit, without the need for special tools or access permissions. While this document may seem overwhelming the first time that you look at it, our customers rave over how the multi-column format of these script/storyboard documents makes the review and feedback process straightforward. We will ask that you use track changes or suggestion mode and leave comments to provide feedback on direct wording that may need to change, or your thoughts on things you did and didn’t like. You don’t have to know how to change an interaction or how to “fix” something. You just have to be able to describe what you do and don’t like about it, so that we can brainstorm how to make it better. 

Review and Collaborate

design phase deliverables

After we receive your feedback, we will clarify any questions we have and collaborate with you on changes. Depending on the changes, a second review may be necessary, but generally we complete a second copyedit and move on to development.  Throughout this whole process, we will be in continuous communication regarding project milestones, what resources we may need from you, and next steps. 

Now you know! During the Design phase of a training project, you can expect:

  • A visual design mock-up for your review
  • A script/storyboard for your review
  • Continuous communication from us as partners

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